Top 5 Divorce Mistakes

Getting a divorce is an emotional experience and spouses are often susceptible to making impulsive decisions, especially if they feel personally wronged by their soon-to-be-ex. Now more than ever, it is crucial not to allow your emotions to get the best of you and to hire a knowledgeable legal advocate to provide the advice and guidance you need to avoid making costly mistakes. However, you should also build up your awareness of these mistakes to better protect yourself and your future. Continue reading to learn about the 5 most common divorce mistakes.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

The outcome of your divorce can potentially impact your future for many years to come, so it is essential to be cautious as you proceed with each step.

Here are the top 5 divorce mistakes you should be aware of and avoid:

1. Using your children to attack your spouse: Keep in mind that this is a difficult time for your children and, if you use them as weapons in the litigation process, they will be the ones you hurt most. Moreover, it is likely a judge will see through these misguided tactics and view you in an unfavorable light.

2. Attempting to hide marital assets: As tempting as it may be to empty out a joint checking account in an effort to keep your spouse’s hands off of these assets, this will backfire on you in court. Wastefully dissipating assets or hiding marital assets will greatly harm your credibility and your spouse may even end up being awarded a greater share of assets as a result.

3. Failing to take the tax consequences into account: Spouses sometimes perceive the divorce litigation process as a win or lose situation, but fail to consider the tax consequences of being awarded certain assets. Do not think of your divorce in these terms or you might end up with assets that will leave you in a terrible predicament at a time when you are trying to start a new life.

4. Not cooperating with your spouse in court: There is no reason to be hostile with your spouse in court, especially if you have children. Showing that you are willing to cooperate with your spouse will reflect well on you in the eyes of a judge.

5. Not hiring a knowledgeable divorce lawyer to represent your case: Many mistakes can be avoided if you have an experienced legal professional to guide you through your divorce, so do not postpone this important step any longer.

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