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Texas is one of nine states in the U.S. that operates under a community property system. What does this mean to you? If you are heading into a divorce and are concerned with dividing property and assets, property from the estate will be characterized by the court system as community or separate.

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What Is the Difference Between Community and Separate Property in Texas?

Property acquired by you or your spouse during the course of your marriage is by default presumed to be community property that is subject to court oversight on division. That presumption can be challenged by our family law attorneys in Fort Worth who may be able to show that the property was received as an inheritance or gift.

In a Texas divorce proceeding, separate property is regarded as:

  • Property owned by a spouse prior to the marriage
  • Property given to a spouse during their marriage
  • Property inherited by a spouse during their marriage

You should understand that under Texas law, the court is unable to divest a party in a divorce from their separate property. This may seem simple enough, but the complexities of divorce and property division enter the equation when you consider all aspects of the estate and how they are characterized.

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