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On What Grounds Can I Seek a Divorce Modification?

Posted by Eric Labovitz | Dec 04, 2019 | 0 Comments

Life is mutable, and what may have worked for a former couple at the beginning of their divorce may not work down the line. Luckily, the Texas court system allows for people to modify some divorce decisions, but only if they no longer match up with that person's current living situation.

Grounds for Modification

For the court to grant a modification to a divorce decree, there must be evidence that a substantial change in either party's circumstance warrants this modification.

Texas will consider modifications if any of the following are true:

  • the parent paying child support loses their main source of income;
  • the parent paying child support now earns significantly less or more than when the payments were established;
  • the child's needs have increased as the result of a medical condition, educational expenses, and/or other important factors;
  • the child's needs have decreased as the result of overcoming a medical condition, educational expenses, and/or other important factors;
  • a parent needs to relocate 50 miles or more from their current residence;
  • there is evidence of drug use in a parent's home;
  • there is evidence of violence in a parent's home; and/or
  • there is evidence of gross lack of supervision in a parent's home.

A judge will thoroughly examine any claims of change in circumstance before coming to a decision.

Dependable Divorce Modification Attorneys

If you believe you have grounds for a divorce modification and would like to begin the process, our attorneys have your back. We have over 16 years of experience handling family & divorce cases of this type and will do what we can to pursue the best possible outcome.

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