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Why You Should Avoid Social Media Until After Your Divorce

Posted by Eric Labovitz | Apr 08, 2020 | 0 Comments

Most of us use social media to some degree and, in many cases, have accounts on more than one platform, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These tools are all great ways to stay connected and share your life with friends, but during a divorce, it can become an unnecessary liability that could negatively impact the outcome of your case.

Take a Social Media Hiatus

If you regularly engage in social media, now is the time to consider taking a hiatus or, at the very least, being more cautious and selective with what you choose to share online. A lot of information can be gleaned from social media posts and, during a divorce, spouses often find themselves under heavy scrutiny, so a hiatus can help prevent unnecessary damage to your case.

Even if you removed your spouse from all of your social media profiles, you likely still share many mutual friends and it would be impossible to determine which are loyal to you and which are loyal to your soon-to-be former spouse.

However, if you choose to continue to use social media, we have some tips on how to best navigate it:

- Avoid criticizing your ex or venting about your divorce on social media. Of course, venting is completely normal and, in many cases, necessary for our mental health, but do not do it online for everyone to see. Instead, talk to a close friend or family member about your feelings. You might even want to consider therapy to help you work through the emotions you are experiencing.

- Do not share content related to recent expenses, including vacations, pricey dinners, or other purchases that might reveal too much about your lifestyle and financial capabilities.

- There is nothing wrong with going out and having a good time, especially given the stress you are under. However, you should not post pictures of yourself partying. Taken out of context, these pictures might make you seem irresponsible.

- Do not share anything that you discuss with your divorce attorney. Your conversations with your lawyer should remain private.

Generally, it is best to simply avoid using social media at this time, but if you choose to continue using it, keep these tips in mind and proceed with caution. Nothing you share online is worth jeopardizing your divorce settlement.

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