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Telling Your Children About Your Divorce

Posted by Eric Labovitz | May 02, 2021 | 0 Comments

Divorce can take a heavy toll on kids, particularly those who are younger. Even if there was a lot of tension in your household recently, your children might not have expected you to split up, and the news can come as a huge shock to them. To help soften the blow of this life-altering event, you and your spouse should team up to discuss your impending divorce with them. We compiled some tips to help you approach this discussion.

How to Tell Your Kids Your Marriage is Ending

One of the most important aspects of having this conversation with your children is doing it together. You may have a lot of negative feelings toward your spouse, but it is important to set these aside for the benefit of your children.

Here are some additional tips that will help you navigate this delicate conversation:

- Choose an appropriate time: You should have this conversation with your kids when they have some time to process it. If you tell them before dropping them off at school, they will likely feel very distressed and may even act out, so consider talking to them before the start of a weekend.

- Do not blame your spouse: Your kids will likely ask you why the divorce is happening and, even if they do not, you and your spouse need to avoid pointing fingers at each other. Getting involved in a yelling match over who is to blame for the divorce will not help your kids cope with this information.

- Make Sure they know they are not at fault: Kids often harbor a great sense of guilt over their parents' divorce. Explain to them that they could not have possibly influenced your decision to get a divorce. You simply are no longer happy in your marriage and feel it is the best course of action for the family.

- Inform them of upcoming changes: If you or your spouse is moving out of the family home, let your children know. Knowing these details will help them feel less anxious about the future since they will have an idea of what to expect.

In the aftermath, be sure to make yourself as available as possible if they have any concerns or follow-up questions.

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