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When Does Spousal Maintenance End?

Posted by Eric Labovitz | May 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

People commonly believe that spousal maintenance is automatically awarded in a divorce. However, unless the spouse seeking support meets certain requirements, a judge may refrain from awarding it all. Temporary spousal maintenance, which is support that only lasts the duration of the divorce, is more common than other forms of support in the state.

If you or your spouse is seeking spousal maintenance, you may have some questions about how long it will last if a judge awards it. The short answer is that it will depend on the circumstances of your case. Continue reading to learn more about how long spousal maintenance may last.

How Long Does Spousal Maintenance Last?

In Texas, if the marriage lasted for more than two decades and less than three decades, spousal maintenance will not last more than 7 years. If your marriage lasted for three decades or more, spousal maintenance can last up to 10 years. Or marriages that lasted less than two decades, but at least 10 years, spousal maintenance will not last more than 5 years. If your spouse was convicted of family violence, however, you will still receive spousal maintenance that may last up to 5 years, regardless of the duration of your marriage.

If the supported spouse gets remarried or lives with a new partner, spousal maintenance can be terminated. The length of spousal maintenance may also be affected if the supported spouse is disabled or caring for a child that is disabled and cannot meet their reasonable needs.

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If you are getting divorced and seeking maintenance or you wish to modify maintenance in the aftermath of a divorce, it is important to hire an experienced legal advocate to represent your case. At Labovitz Law Firm, our family law team is committed to helping clients navigate some of the most complex legal cases and protecting their interests. You can rely on us to inform you of your legal options, so you can take the best course of action as you move forward.

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